Week Ended May 7th: Setbacks and T-shirts

It was a tough week.  Almost as soon as I posted last week’s update talking about the joy of no pain…..pain showed up in my surgically repaired right foot.  This coupled with a scheduled colonoscopy had a significant impact on my training volume.  The worst part about pain for me in general is the uncertainty that accompanies it.  There is always pain in training.  It is expected.  Coming off an accident, though, and coming off surgery really makes you question whether this pain is ‘the’ the pain that will unravel your race.  Because of that, I must be very cautious.   I am forced to stop and reach out for medical advice before proceeding.  This particular pain is also frustrating because it truly makes no sense.  You might think I first felt it while running or riding but that is not the case.  I felt it putting on sweat pants.  The material of the pants brushed against my foot and that insignificant routine action created an 8 on a pain scale of 1-10.  Here is the frustrating part……..when I apply pressure in the same area, I cannot replicate it.  I honestly believe I could go run and not feel pain.  The usual activities that result from tendon issues are not creating pain…….toe raises for example.  My hope is this is some kind of nerve issue that will fade.  I went for a swim on Saturday though and even the water movement around the foot created pain.  I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday and a visit with Dr. Dan Geller immediately to follow.  That is the routine I must follow.  I have Kona 70.3 in a month and, even though missing workouts is hugely stressful, it is what I must do.

As for what I actually accomplished this week………3 trainer rides for a total of about 5 hours and 2 hours of swimming.  Tuesday I had to skip a 12 mile run because of the foot and because of the dietary requirements of a Wednesday colonoscopy.  As skinny as I am, I eat about 7-8,000 calories per day.  The diet requirements of my procedure resulted in about 400-500 calories consumed on Tuesday and I didn’t feel it smart to attempt a long run on so few calories.  I had a long ride slated for today but the pain combined with some rain combined with the OC Marathon which closed down most roads I planned to ride had me pull the plug.  It is probably a smart move.

Regarding fundraising, it was a light week as expected.  I raised approximately $1,100.  If you count matches in process I am about $700 shy of $25,000.  Not too bad but certainly a lot of work to do.  On a positive note, we locked down our t-shirt and were able to get them ordered.  I really like them. The shirts are great quality and I love the design.  Our logo is the front of the shirt and my favorite Nelson Mandela quote is on the back.  We will have a men’s and women’s version as you can see below.  We are finalizing pricing and, more importantly, we are currently setting up registration for our 5K.  The tentative date for the live event is Saturday, September 9th but we will kick off the virtual event asap.

That is it for now.  Please join this journey by clicking the donate button at the top of the page.