We Will Find a Cure (WWFAC) was born when I was nominated to participate in the 2014 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year campaign. Cancer and loss drafted me into battle. I was led to a life of trying to make a difference which ultimately led to that nomination. My friends stood by my side and we created We Will Find a Cure with the mission to eradicate cancer! In 10 weeks, we raised over $126,000 while funding 2 research grants but the hope was always for WWFAC to live on until cancer lives on no further. My recent nomination to represent Team in Training, a different fundraising arm of LLS, at the 2017 Ironman World Championships has afforded us the opportunity for WWFAC to take the next step toward raising critical funds needed to advance cancer research.

WWFAC is about all of us making a difference. WWFAC is a place for all of us to fight back. It is for those that lost a loved one, for those survivors that want to make sure others have the same positive outcome, for those currently fighting for their lives and it is for all of us that want our children to live in a cancer free world.

I might be the face of the journey right now but We Will Find a Cure is most definitely not about me. It is my personal avenue to fight back and can be yours as well. We have $130,000 to raise before the clock strikes midnight on Saturday, October 14, 2017 in Kona. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of running down Ali’i Drive for what I truly believe is the best finish line on the planet but it is absolutely meaningless if we do not meet our fundraising goal. The Ironman World Championships gives WWFAC a voice for the next 7 months. One voice is not enough though. Reaching $130,000 will take an army of support and that is where you come in.

You can visit WAYS TO HELP for a detailed list of things you can do as part of WWFAC but the short list is as follows:

•Make a financial donation by clicking the Donate Now link above or going to www.tinyurl.com/kona2curecancer.
•Share our story with anyone who will listen. You can share our posts, share this website and share our fundraising page. If 130,000 people find it in their heart to give $1, we will reach our goal. The only path to reaching that many people is through you.
•If you want your own fundraising page that flows into the WWFAC total, we can help you set that up. Every $ counts. There is no minimum and we can provide ideas of how to raise the money.
•Corporate sponsorships: if you know any companies that might be willing to sponsor us for the Ironman World Championships, that would give us a great shot at reaching and exceeding our goal.
•Press: if you have resources to help get our story in the press, it will expand our reach and help ensure success.

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