August 7th Update: Very Scared

For those that know me, you are aware I am an open book with my thoughts and feelings.  Along this journey born out of my losses, I have probably not held back one single thought or emotion and whether that is a good thing or bad thing……… is me.  I don’t pretend I am strong […]

Update: Good Progress | Isabella’s Day

I thought I would provide an update as it has been a few weeks.  Overall, we made some great progress on the fundraising side of things.  I would say I was also making progress on the training side but on Sunday, while goofing off with my son, I either pulled a muscle (which is what […]

July 10th Road to Kona Update

This was a recovery week which I am finding is great on the body but tough on the mind.  The workouts are certainly scaled back as my body is allowed to heal before ramping up again but my mind goes crazy.  The mental challenge is not the taper but the extra time that allows my […]

Update on the Road to Kona

It has been a while since I posted an update.  At a high level I can tell you my journey to Kona has been quite an emotional one.  As a coach I always speak about the journey being what you will remember on race day. The fear, obstacles and struggles are what make race day […]

Week Ended May 14th: Big Obstacles

To those that have known me for most of this journey, you know I am an open book with my emotions. I am sure the jury is mixed on whether it is a good thing or not.  I believe being open has helped me to raise money and touch lives but I know some probably […]

Week Ended May 7th: Setbacks and T-shirts

It was a tough week.  Almost as soon as I posted last week’s update talking about the joy of no pain…..pain showed up in my surgically repaired right foot.  This coupled with a scheduled colonoscopy had a significant impact on my training volume.  The worst part about pain for me in general is the uncertainty […]

April 30th Weekly Update

Well this felt like a recovery week on all levels.  It certainly was for training which my body needed.  On the fundraising front, a late week push helped generate some funds but I had expected the week to be more about planning anyway and we made good progress there. Fundraising We generated approximately $1,800 this […]

Week Ended April 23rd: Strong Results

It was a strong week for training and fundraising although I really need to improve on reaching folks that do not know my story.  That is the only path to reaching $130,000 and to date all donations have come from individuals that personally know me and/or my wife.  I have said this before but on […]

Week Ended 04/16/17: Community Teams

A lot happened on the #Road2Kona this week and I believe the most important is a development that allows ‘you’…..yes I mean you….. to join the journey and raise money on your own.  We will announce more details this week but this news ties to a Community Team.  Beyond my personal fundraising page, you will […]

Week Ended 04/09/17: Fundraising and Training

One more week in the books.  It is freaking me out how fast it is going but such is life.  Time to kick things into high gear: FUNDRAISING Consistent with prior weeks, I made a lot more progress on planning and behind the scenes items and prepping for what I hope will be donations.  That […]