If you would like to join WWFAC and take a more active role in helping surpass our current $130,000 goal, there are many ways to assist.  Making a financial donation is certainly appreciated and a sure fire first step in the process.  I have personally committed $5,000 which will be donated in various forms. Some will likely be a straight donation and some will likely be to purchase raffle items and supplies so that all donations go straight to the cause.  Beyond a straight donation there are plenty of ways to get involved and involvement is what it will take to end this world of cancer.  Some suggestions are as follows:


  • Share our story and our website with your network of friends and family. You can also join our Facebook page and share it. The website for this is: https://www.facebook.com/wewillfindacurells
  • Create your own letters and raise money for WWFAC. My first step in fundraising is always to send letters. I know, this is old school in a high tech world but I feel it is much more personal.  You are welcome to utilize my letter for your friends and family but you might want to write your own story.  Why is ending cancer important for you.  We can even provide your own fundraising site that will consolidate into ours.
  • Corporate sponsorships would certainly help us reach our goal faster. If your company or a company you interact with might be interested in sponsoring WWFAC for the Ironman World Championships, we would welcome the opportunity to talk.
  • We were very successful for the Man of the Year campaign with raffles and auction items. Securing the items is the most difficult part. Consumer electronics, celebrity meet and greets, memorabilia, concert passes, vacation getaways.
  • Help secure silent auction items. Vacations, cruises, memorabilia, celeb meet and greets.
  • We are currently working on the next generation of WWFAC t-shirts. You can buy one or help us to sell them once in stock.
  • Send us ideas. WWFAC needs big thinkers. We welcome any and all ideas.
  • There are many other ways to help if none of these sound appealing. Whatever….outside of robbing a bank……you can do to generate funds is good with us so get creative!!!


Thanks for your time in reading and for your help along the way!!

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