Update: Good Progress | Isabella’s Day

I thought I would provide an update as it has been a few weeks.  Overall, we made some great progress on the fundraising side of things.  I would say I was also making progress on the training side but on Sunday, while goofing off with my son, I either pulled a muscle (which is what docs are leaning towards now) or cracked a rib.  I was in very intense pain for two days, woke up Wednesday to almost no pain but ran 10 miles Wednesday night which brought back the pain. The worst is that I cannot swim and I really need to swim.  The pull motion is not pleasant.  Anyway, here is a more formal presentation:


Since my last update, we received a donation for $20,000!!!  It was completely unexpected and there is a long story behind it.  The donation comes from a long time friend of the family.  I had an email in my We Will Find a Cure account asking for donation information.  Prior to this email, for years I have only received pornographic spam emails so I rarely check for email.  I am not sure what possessed me to check email but thank God I did because it ultimately led to this unbelievable turn of events.  There is certainly a lot wrong with the world but throughout my years of fundraising I am constantly reminded there is a lot of good.  People are kind and generous and want to make a difference.  This plus a match that should post soon puts us very near $75,000 towards our goal of $130,000.  We cleared the half way point.  I am relatively confident we can clear $100,000 but need a strong push if we are to reach our goal.  From here the ways to help are very straightforward:

  • Straight donation via one of the many DONATION buttons at this site
  • Join us for our 5K in Venice, CA on September 9th or join us virtually. Everyone receives a shirt, a medal and a bib. For those joining the live event, you also receive all you can drink mimosas and Bloody Mary’s after the race.  Food and other drinks are available for purchase as well.  The registration link is http://tinyurl.com/r2k5K or click on the link on our Home page.
  • If you live in the LA/OC area, we will be hosting Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s on August 20th. Come join us, help me celebrate my 51st birthday and help us to end cancer. The FB event is https://www.facebook.com/events/682322398627755/
  • Join our Community Team. Message me for details.
  • If all of this is too much, you can simply buy one of our shirts. I really love this shirt. Super soft.  Awesome design.  On the back is my favorite quote and one I believe is hugely important for all of us “It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done” Nelson Mandela. http://tinyurl.com/r2kshirt


I am currently in the middle of a recovery week…….which is not as laid back as I would have thought.  I am coming off a two week build which was fairly intense.  Last week I trained about 215 miles between all sports.  The weekend was challenging.  I rode 100 miles on Saturday (6,000 feet of elevation climb) and ran 3 miles off the bike.  I was crazy sore and tired.  I woke up on Sunday in even more pain and my body was trying to tell me to take the day off but my mind/heart would not allow it.  I am so stressed about finishing this race tied to the heat and wind and my falling behind on swim training.  Missing key workouts would do nothing but severely stress me out.  As such, I headed out for a 3 hour ride, 8 mile run brick.  The bike felt awesome.  I was very proud I got out there.  I had 3,000 feet of climb on the ride.  In between the ride and run is when my cracked rib/muscle pull developed.  I was heading out the door to run when I saw my son lying on the bed…….in my room which he seems to claim as his own most of the time.  I decided to pounce on him…….his knee pushed into my chest and the pain that triggered knocked me to the floor.  It freaked him out because it was obvious I was in a lot of pain and he had no idea what happened.  Me either!!!  I let it go and headed out to the run and this chest pain turned out to be a non-issue.  What was an issue was the heat.  It was just an 8 mile run and, if you have been following my journey know I use a crazy conservative run-walk interval because of foot surgery in my past that has led to a slow recovery.  It started out great but about 3 miles in I started getting dizzy and nauseous.  I was not pushing hard at all but was struggling a lot.  By mile 6 I vomited and could barely run.  By about mile 7 I just had to walk it in.  I am fairly sure I was having heat stroke which is my big stress point in Kona.  My body does not do well in heat.  I was down and out for a few hours because of this short 8 miler……..how will I survive 26.2?

Anyway, a few hours later, I managed to get up and decided to try and get in my swim.  I headed to the pool and felt okay tied to the heat issues but this is when it was clear the incident with my son caused a problem.  I could not pull without a great deal of pain.  I probably should have stopped completely but I proceeded to go super slow (for me which is sloth kind of slow for most).  I did this for 2,000 yards using a buoy.  By Sunday night, I could barely move my right arm and could not even touch my chest.  This pain got better by Wednesday which is, of course, when I was going to the doc so they did not take x rays.  Wednesday night was a 10-mile run which went well.  I pulled back the walk portion of my interval offsetting that with a slower run pace.  The result was a similar overall pace but a 1-1 interval (run 1 minute, walk 1 minute).  After my Sunday 8-mile debacle, I believe I need to try and ramp the amount of time I am running so I have some cushion built into my race day.  Last comment on the 10-mile run for Wednesday………it triggered the chest pain so I had to miss another swim.  I am praying to get in the pool today but if the pull hurts I will have to skip it.  I think I am going to ask my coach for a very swim intense week for my next recovery week so I mentally feel like I have made up or lost training.

Other than all of this, Isabella’s Day is 5 days from now.  If you are not intimate with this day, it is the day my daughter Isabella passed away.  She is a huge part of my story.  She is why I have accomplishd much of what I have.  I always hope that August 1st arrives and I am strong but it never happens.  My heart hurts from missing her and this year will be no different.  If you happen to remember this day, I always ask that you raise a glass and toast my little angel.  She never took a step on this planet but her impact has been enormous.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for the support.

Christopher D. Wilno