July 10th Road to Kona Update

This was a recovery week which I am finding is great on the body but tough on the mind.  The workouts are certainly scaled back as my body is allowed to heal before ramping up again but my mind goes crazy.  The mental challenge is not the taper but the extra time that allows my mind to wander. I am constantly thinking about the race and contemplating whether I will be successful.  I begin to stress about the fundraising because none of this is about me nor is it about a race.  It is about making a difference.  It is about honoring promises. It is about ending cancer.  If I do not reach the financial goal, how will I respond?  Will I be a failure despite having raised so much money since my Dad passed.  I would like to think not but I am tough on myself and I don’t want to be remembered for the guy that failed to achieve what he set out to do.  I think the toughest part right now is the extra time I have to think about my Dad and especially Isabella.

August 1st.  That is Isabella’s day in this household and it is quickly approaching.  She would have been 14 this year and while you might think 14 years should allow me enough time to move on, that is simply not the case.  I would say 14 years has allowed the time to be stronger 11 months out of the year but the month leading up to Isabella’s Day will likely be difficult until God takes me home.  I miss her.  I think about her all of the time and to continue to be cliché, the silence of her absence is deafening.

The funny thing is that cancer didn’t take Isabella but she is a big part of why I have accomplished all I have.  Her loss gave me the drive to do something meaningful.  I truly do believe Isabella is part of my ‘cancer’ story, though, because if she had not passed away they may not have discovered the cancer that was growing inside my wife.  I believe she saved her Mom and was there to greet my father in Heaven.

I don’t want to get off track too much but these thoughts have been a big part of my recent journey so it felt important to put words to them.  As for the fundraising, it is still slow.  We have just over three months to go until race day and we are at approximately $47,000.  It certainly is not bad but we have a long way to go and I will not feel good about this journey if we do not clear $100,000.  That has always been a key metric for me but it has even more meaning because at $100,000 a good friend of mine Javier Rivera, will get a research grant in the name of his mother.  She has non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and while medicine is keeping her alive, her medicine is not a cure.  Javier was on the first Team in Training marathon team I ever coached and has been a great friend ever since.  He is leading the Community Team for We Will Find a Cure which has a goal of raising $20,000 on their own.

If you want to help us reach our goal, the ways to do so are the same although we will announce a new way to participate soon:

  • click on any of the donation links at this site and join the fight
  • purchase one of our Road to Kona t-shirts. They really are one of my favorite shirts. Super comfortable and a great design. The link to our store is on the home page or click HERE.
  • register for our live or virtual 5K. Both events come with the Road to Kona t-shirt, a very cool medal which is set to arrive this week and a bib. The live event will be held on September 9th in Venice, CA and also comes with all you can drink mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. The registration link is also at our home page or you can click HERE.
  • Share my story. Just this week we received a $500 donation simply because a friend shared my story to a client of his.
  • By Tuesday this week we will start selling raffle tickets to win a 55” Samsung Curved 4K television. We are selling tickets for $20 each and will only be selling $100 tickets (i.e. you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning per ticket).
  • donate items we can use as raffle prizes. We will be holding some events that require giveaways and auction items. We could use help accumulating these items.

As for the training, like I mentioned above, this was a recovery week so I feel good.  The surgically repaired foot is also not feeling too bad although I refuse to say much about that because every time I mention progress…….pain shows up.  In fact, I will go the other direction and say my foot is horrible………the worst pain ever J .  The key workouts this week were a swim workout > 4,000 yards and a 42 mile ride/9 mile run brick workout.  The swim was my longest since my biking accident in 2013 and did a lot for my swimming confidence!!  The brick workout was fairly standard but any time I can get through them pain free is a good thing.

That is it for now.  Thanks for reading!

Christopher D Wilno