Sarah Clark

I have worked for LLS in the Team In Training Campaign since the fall of 2011. In the fall season of 2013 I was privileged to work with Chris Wilno and Lori Jomski, where we lead over 120 marathoners to raise almost $400,000 for LLS. I was so inspired working with Chris, hearing his story, and witnessing both Lori and Chris’s leadership and passion for the LLS Mission. I just knew Chris would be the perfect candidate for the Man of the Year campaign.  I can’t imagine a better way for someone as special as Chris to honor his dad, than this.

Before I worked for LLS, I had several very special mission connections myself. I have a cousin, Matthew, who is a Leukemia Survivor. I have an Aunt Judy, who lost her battle to Leukemia. I have a very close personal friend, Bill who is a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor. I had been raising money for LLS long before I worked here. Since becoming a TNT Campaign Manager I have been a three time participant, myself. My cousin is lucky to be alive; my Aunt is missed every minute of every day; and my friend Bill, still lives with Non-Hodgkin’s.  He is in remission today, but it is never gone. It will be back.  I am in a fight with the clock, to facilitate raising life saving dollars, so we can get it in the hands of researchers. They are going to end this forever. So Bill, and hundreds of thousands like him, no longer have cancer hanging over their heads. So no one will have to hear cancer in the same sentence as their name from a doctor. So parents don’t have to lose their children and children don’t have to lose their parents to this hateful disease.

Having the honor of being a part of Chris’ Man of the Year Campaign Team means the world to me. Having the opportunity to be a part of something as incredible and historic as this with this team of people will be something I will never forget.  I look forward to a very exciting and meaningful 10 weeks.